I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since my wife and I had our first kid. I used to hate it when people always said “time flies”…yada yada, but it really does. It seems like yesterday when we had him and now he’ll be 4 next month. It’s funny how life works because when I was single, that last sentence would’ve ended with something like…”we went out drinking night after night for a whole month”! Being a father really does change you. If that last sentence doesn’t show my age, I have no idea what does. Being a dad to 3 kids, THREE…under 4 is a job in itself. Let alone, them being all boys. My wife and I definitely do the best we can or at least think we are doing the best we can. Whoever said boys were easier did not warn us about the earlier years. For those expecting, be WARNED, boys are a handful in their toddler years, and I hear that they will be a handful until they get into middle school/high school which is about 10 and so on years.

People always ask, how are the kids, oh are the kids ok, what are the kids doing? Damn, they need to ask how are we doing, matter of fact, how am I doing? The kids are fine, they play, sleep, eat, shit, and repeat it I tell them. My go to response for those questions normally is, “it’s like a circus at home, we’re only missing the animals”. If that statement wasn’t true enough, think about it. You’ve got 2 toddlers running around throwing things everywhere, making a mess, thinking they are Evil Knievel jumping from couch to couch, no fear, and here you are…they’re ring leader. Always trying to corral them, keep them from hurting themselves, etc. just so they can put on another show for us or whoever decides to show up to the house that day.

I decided to create/start a blog to share with you guys my progress throughout so let’s take the journey together, share in each other’s laughter, misfortunes, rough times, and memorable times in this tiring but rewarding thing we call parenting.

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